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Builder Competition

WINNERS April 2015


After long discussion with the judges, here is the FIRST ROUND of WINNERS. More will be announced soon…

Best Artwork:
cupcakeeeeees, jonathan20

Best Buildings:
cuddlebearrock, Masterimran, poppingcandypops

Best Spawn Team
realAmluis, Red, Micro, coolMC

Most Helpful staff:
superpigmc2, milesplayzmc, xEnderxBot

Nicest Staff
superturtle19 (breezy)

Best Administrators
Siontee270yt, xEnderxBot

Best MCPE Technical
milesplayzmc, coolMC

Best Articles
jonathanarias20, sionteeyt270

Best Photo

Best Video

Head Promotions & Prizes

CupCakeeeeeees & jonathanarias20: MASTERBUILDER + 10$ each

SuperpigMC2, MasterImran, MilesPlaysMCPE: Vice-President

Hey_Itz_Ylang, Sportygirl16: MainOwner
Siontee270yt, xEnderxBot: Owner
FrostedCandian: CoOwner
CCreations: SpawnBuilder

Most Talented New Staff (prize/promotion tba)
FireSpirtCore, CaptianSparkles1, SeaTheSquidz, FireWolfGirl2382, HoneyDew, Acidic_Lemon, Exodus21

Other Promotions & prizes:

Builders, HeadBuilders, Governers, Mayors, Best New Players, Best YouTuber…


Acidic_Lemon: Governor


Buildercom is a competition on our server where players get cmode (creative) and they build something really cool, like a huge Steve or an airport.

On April 3/4 2015 Siontee270YT, Hey_Itz_Ylang, and xENDERxBOT will judge the best entries.

1st place gets 10 USD (paypal) and also MasterBuilder rank which is very hard to get! If you don’t want to build we are giving prizes to people who take pictures or video.

If you do this, you can win Ranks like HeadYoutuber, Admin and all sorts; you can also win a prize to help host a JDCraft server FOR A MONTH (console, plugins, maps).


Prizes include: 10$ Cash to a Paypal account

1 Month co-running a brand new JDCraft MCPE server for 20 players (must be technically competent). Restrictions apply!

2 new MasterBuilder Ranks on JDCraft and BlazeCraft

2 Owner Promotions

2 HeadBuilder Promotions

3 Admin Promotions

3 CoOwner Promotions (only open to existing Head Staff) 1 Admin account for (must be technically competent)

5 Builder Promotions

Please Vote!

To vote please click on one or both of the links below, and follow the instructions. When you have voted go back into the game, login with the SAME USERNAME that you used to vote… and type /vote for diamonds and other great rewards. You may vote once a day.

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JDCraft & BlazeCraft

Welcome to the JDCraft & BlazeCraft MCPE Official Website!

Friendly MCPE Servers with amazing builds, great staff and cool players from all over the world, day and night :3

I prefer using Z4root App as one click root android app because, it is far less complex and can be used without any prior instructions as well. So, this make it easy to use and with one click root feature we can not just root our Android device in time but also do it faster than any other rooting app.

Please DO NOT ASK FOR OP! We only have ranks (see the links in the top menu) in both JDCraft and BlazeCraft.

Connect to:

JDCraft port 19132

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BlazeCraft port 20000

Please Vote for BlazeCraft:


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