JDCraft and BlazeCraft Competition!

As almost everyone who is staff from JDCRAFT and BlazeCraft have been competing in the first ever builders competition. The most prestigious rank you could get which is master builder, but not only will you get master builder but you will also get $10 USD. So you can kind of see why everyone who is competing wants to win. If you want to enter for a chance to win you might want to hurry because the competition ends Sunday, April 5, 2015 hurry while you still have a chance!

Luckily that’s not the only thing that you can compete for. There are a lot of different event in which you could participate in and possibly win a few out of the many that are being held. Some events that are being held are:
-Best Pixel Art
-Best Photo/video(s)
-Nicest Staff Member
-Best build
– And Many More!

Currently the participants of the competition that I am aware of are JonathanArias20 with Cupcakeeeeeees, CuddleBearRock with Masterimran, PoppingCandyPops, TheRaven625 with SportyGirl16, and maybe others that I might not be aware of.

Also a lot of staff members have gotten tired of having the same rank for so long now. They all want to have a promotion and be higher in command within the server. So if you’re lucky you might get promoted (:
But keep in mind that not EVERY staff member will get promoted for specific ones haven’t been doing what their suppose to.

Good Luck to all the participants!