JDCraft & BlazeCraft

Welcome to the JDCraft & BlazeCraft MCPE Official Website!

Friendly MCPE Servers with amazing builds, great staff and cool players from all over the world, day and night :3

I prefer using as one click root android app because, it is far less complex and can be used without any prior instructions as well. So, this make it easy to use and with one click root feature we can not just root our Android device in time but also do it faster than any other rooting app.

Please DO NOT ASK FOR OP! We only have ranks (see the links in the top menu) in both JDCraft and BlazeCraft.

Connect to:

jdcraft.net port 19132

Please Vote for JDCraft:

bc.jdcraft.net port 20000

Please Vote for BlazeCraft:


– Please think about making a small donation. Donators will get rank depending on the amount, and this allows us to add more players!

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Click Here and “SEND” to jdcraftmcpe@gmail.com

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Then type /vote in game for 64 Diamonds & other stuff